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Our Lofty Story

Based on the west coast of Muriwai, New Zealand. Lofty is proudly a family-owned and operated company.
Jo and Nikolai head up team Lofty and are responsible for everything from design, branding, marketing, and logistics.
Arie and Pia may be the smallest members of the team but have the very important role of product testers and (sometimes reluctantly) kite models.

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While on a holiday in Bali, every afternoon when the sea breeze picked up, we noticed a local boy and his grandad would walk the beach with a kite in hand. The joy and wonder on the boy’s face really resonated with us and sparked memories of kite flying as a child

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With this vision in mind, we returned to home and set out to design our perfect kite. Although designing a new product from scratch is sometimes daunting, it allowed us to set some very important parameters that matched our values. Sustainability, Quality and Functionality were the three pillars of the design, if we could not achieve all three the project just wouldn’t fly (excuse the pun).

12 months later and after multiple designs, materials, illustrations, samples and late nights we had landed on our final design and were ready for take-off!

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