How to Fly a Lofty Kite

Where and when to go

  • Where

    Try find an open space like a paddock or park. Anywhere that’s free from trees, buildings or powerlines! The beach is the ultimate place to fly a kite, with its wide open spaces and constant breeze.

  • When

    Our kites have been designed to fly in even a light wind. The more consistent the breeze the easier it is to lift off. If it’s blowing a gale, don’t worry. Your Lofty can handle it.

How to set up

  • Step One

    Pop the kite out of it’s bag and attach the horizontal pole into the pole tabs on the kite.

  • Step Two

    Tie a loop in the string big enough for the handle to fit through. Thread the looped end through the eyelet and then pass the handle though the loop. Pull the string tight and you’re good to go!

How to take flight

  • Solo Launch

    It’s easy to launch a Lofty on your own if the breeze is nice and consistent. Hold your kite near the top of the string line, stand with your back to the wind and let it catch the kite. As the kite ascends, slowly let more line out until the kite is soaring above you.

  • Buddy Launch

    If you are having trouble on your own you can always ask friend to help. Holding onto the handle, have your buddy stand 5-10m downwind with the kite. With a tight line and the kite pointing up, have them launch the kite into the sky. You’re away flying.

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