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Our Lofty Philosophy

"lofty was created to get kids outdoors, learning and exploring through play"

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Our kites are an outdoor toy that enables children to get outside and enjoy their natural environment, an invitation for little explorers to learn and play in nature.

As adults we tend to think of play as kids simply having fun. But play is more than that. Playing is learning. By playing outside, children learn the skills they need to thrive as they grow. Not only physical skills like running or jumping (or flying a kite), but also social skills like how to make friends, how to share and how to work as a team.

We value the health of our planet and teach our children to tread lightly on the earth. With this in mind, our kites are made to last using recycled and environmentally friendly materials.

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"We wanted to make a guilt-free gift for children to enjoy. By mixing sustainable practices with fun designs, we can ensure our kites are made to last"

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